Solo Shows

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Brick and mortar group shows


        Artists of Yardley 7th Annual Exhibition


        Artists of Yardley 6th Annual Exhibition

Valley Arts Firehouse Gallery, The Color of  Energy 2/1-2/25/17

Philadelphia Sketch Club, Works on Paper 1/6-1/28/17


Maryland Federation of Art, Strokes of Genius

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, 21st Art Ability Exhibition

Philadelphia Sketch Club, Absolutely Abstract


Mystic Museum of Art, 37th Annual Exhibition

The Artists of Yardley, Fifth Annual Exhibition

Online group shows


         Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery Abstract Show - Second Place


Light, Space and Time - Cityscapes

Colors of Humanity

Fusion Art



Influences and Inspirations - Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Gerhard Richter. Winslow Homer. Picasso. Bill Watterson. Berkeley Breathed. Vaughn Bode. And all the velvet Elvises that ever were.

Education - I am a self taught (or uneducated, take your pick) abstract artist, working in acrylic on paper, panel and canvas. I occasionally use paintbrushes but most of the time my equipment of choice is a plastic putty knife or a strip of plexiglass (in the manner of Gerhard Richter). Or a strong right arm (splat).

Process - Jackson Pollock, or one of his chroniclers, allegedly coined the term “action painting”, which I have roughly translated to mean, “I’m making this up as I go”. I generally use cheap plastic putty knives and house paint, which makes the material cost of a screw up more acceptable. In the end, I throw paint on a surface and push it around until I get something I like.